Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lava Rama - Bike and Running Race

Somehow it was decided that just doing the 20k mtb race would be too easy. So I woke up at 5am and drove the 2.5 hrs to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho with Cary and Erich Wilbrecht. Erich competed in the '88 Olympics on the US Biathlon Team. Cary is a just an athletic freak. I was sleepy.

The trail running race would start at 9am and be 9.4 miles long. It was hot, it was dusty and there was a lot of uphill. No breeze and to make matters worse not all that many course markers. My group of 6 all got lost, to the point that at one point we fanned out in the woods and when one person found the correct trail, he yelled, we all came over, and started racing again. My race came down to a 50m sprint to the line. I lost by .1 seconds and the guy that beat me had a good laugh afterwards. My heartrate hit 196.

After standing in the cold river for a while to cool down, it was time to eat, drink as much as I could, and then get the bike ready for the mtb race that would start in an hour. My legs were tired, but didn't feel too bad until the first climb. I was out of gears quickly and just resigned myself to slowly picking off whomever I could. 1hr 45min later I finished, cooled my head and sat in the shade.

Not only had Cary won the running race (Erich finishing 2nd), Cary also won the mtb race. Freak. Luckily, Erich convinced him to stop at A&W on the way home and I was rewarded for my effort with a root beer float and 1 onion ring..

Good times.

Not only

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